Text: Luke 12: 1-59.
In this passage, Jesus continues His teaching on eternal life, acknowledging Christ as one’s Saviour and Lord before me (v.8). The man who blasphemes against the Holy Sprit will not be forgiven (v.10), meaning deliberate, persistent, and unrepentant resistance to the work of the Holy Spirit. Behind such, there is work of the devil. Such a person cannot be forgiven. We see that obtaining this life requires perseverance in waiting upon Jesus and repenting of sin.

However, the focus now shifts from how we obtain life to what this eternal life is.
Meditate on verses 14-21. What is man’s attitude to life? What does God say is wrong with this?

Lord Jesus Christ, help me to understand that eternal life is really all about believing and receiving You by faith. In Your name Jesus Christ I
have prayed, Amen.