Text: Esther 9:1-32.
Since Haman had decreed that Jews should be killed and their property confiscated, this decree as per the laws of Persians and Medes could not be reversed, instead Mordecai made the King sign a new one to counter what Haman had written against the Jews so as to protect themselves from their enemies. No one could stand up to the Jews (v.2). The Jews never took any property that belonged to their slain enemies. The ten sons of Haman were also killed. As a Christian no one will stand against you, to the glory of God! As a head of the family be careful how you live. Your evil plans and actions will lead to destruction of innocent members of your family (v.10), (Jos.7:24-25).
Meditate on verse 2. What is God teaching you in this verse in relation to fasting and prayer?
My heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, let Your fear fall on my enemies and the enemies of Your church. Amen.