Text: Luke 5: 1-39.
The Jews have, until this point in St. Luke’s Gospel, had the honour of being called God’s people. However, if they will not accept that their religion should focus on God’s own Son who has the authority to forgive sins, then they are not God’s true people. Jesus, therefore, begins to redefine who God’s people are, by “calling out His own people” in vv. 1-32 to be the start of a new Israel, the Church (cf. Gal. 3: 6-14) and to describe the “new way” in which His true followers (the Church) will live in verses 33-39. From these verses, the Gospel story demonstrates to the reader three important truths about Jesus Christ.

First, Jesus calls sinners and transforms them into instruments for God’s use. Second, the scope of His ministry reaches out to all types of people. Third, Jesus does things differently from customary practice (vv. 33-39).

Meditate on verse 32. How does Jesus statement of His mission fit in with His statement of His mission in 4: 43?

Lord Jesus Christ, help me to prepare and turn away from disobedience so that I may be found acceptable in Your sight at Your second coming. Through Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.