Text: Genesis 36:1-43.
As we look back at the genealogies listed in the book of Genesis, we see two lines. The first, and most important, is the lineage of God’s Holy
seed, which comes from Abel and Seth down to Jesus Christ. The second line is the descendants of the evil one, those who do not belong to God’s saving covenantal grace.

In the chapter for today, take a quick look at the many names listed, all descended from Esau. Those individuals became small nations, nations who eventually inhabited or surrounded the Promised Land, and they have always been fighting against Israel. This warfare is another edition of the battle between brothers. As Cain fought Abel, so Esau fought Jacob (Israel).

Even so, when Jesus entered our world, His own brothers (the Jews), fought against Him. But Jesus was victorious, and in Him we are victorious!

We the people of Christ never need to fear. Though we are resisted, and may be even killed, we will be with the Lord forever. In the conflict we see God’s grace. God protects His people!
Meditate on verse 1-5. What is God teaching you in verse 6?

My heavenly Father, I pray that the way You removed Esau from the promised land without a fight with his brother Jacob, if it is Your will,
remove all my enemies from my presence without a fight. Let my enemies flee and disappear from me. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray,