Text: 2 Corinthians 3:1-18
In this passage Apostle Paul refers to Exodus 34 and the appearance of Moses’ face. Whenever Moses communicated with Yahweh, he would go inside the Tabernacle and speak with God face to face. As a result, Moses’ face would shine. When Moses gave God’s message to the people, they would see the glory of God reflected in Moses’ face, and they would not want to look at it. Perhaps the people sensed their guilt and shame in God’s holy presence (cf. Ex.20:19). So, Moses would cover his face while speaking to Israel, but he would remove the veil when he spoke with God. Figuratively speaking, the veil still covers the hearts of unbelievers so that they do not believe.

By comparison, we who trust Christ for salvation have the “veil” removed (v.16). We look to God for His glorious pardoning grace in Christ, and we are saved, the guilt and shame are gone. We are not like Israel, who could not look at Moses because his face reflected the glory of God, and they felt ashamed. Jesus brings us to God, so we can look at the glory of God without guilt and shame. We have been, and are being, transformed into the image of Christ (v.18). We reflect His glorious image in every part of our being. One day we will enter eternity where we will share the perfected glory of Christ. However, we must put that glorious transformation into our lives right now.

Meditate on verse 4-5. How are you going to apply them to your life?
Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, thank You for Jesus Christ, who is all in all to me. Amen.