Text: Genesis 29:1-35.
Jacob will become father of the 12 tribes of Israel, but God does it by bringing him into the hands of his deceptive uncle, Laban. Jacob loved
Rachel, Laban’s younger daughter, and contracted to serve him in exchange for her hand in marriage. But in the darkness of the wedding night, Laban stealthily supplants his older daughter, Leah for Rachel! Jacob is furious, but by another labour-agreement with Laban on which Rachel will also become his wife. Because Jacob does not prefer Leah, God opened her womb and closed Rachel’s. Leah’s 3rd and 4th sons (vv. 31-35) become Israel’s most important tribes; Levi will be the ancestor of the priests, and Judah will be the ancestor of David and the lineage of kings, ultimately leading to King Jesus.

God does not need human wisdom or strength to accomplish His plans, He can as well use man’s wickedness for His divine purposes. Entrust yourself in God’s hand. His glory and your well-being are always His concerns.

Meditate on verse 20-25. What lessons are you learning from these verses?

Father in heaven, forgive me for the evil I have done. In your judgement have mercy on me. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.