Text: Psalm 42:1-11
You will notice before verse 1 that the Psalm was written by the sons of Korah. This is a very encouraging notation. In Numbers 16, we read that Korah and some others rebelled against Moses. Consequently, the ground opened and swallowed the rebels, their families, and their belongings. Yet, somehow, we read in Psalm 42 that some of Korah’s descendants have become worshippers of God and writers of Scripture.

In this Psalm, they are remembering a time of suffering; but they also remember that God loves them; that He is their rock – their strength and security. They do not need to stay depressed.
We are considering this passage early in our meditations about distress because we need to be reminded of how to be strong before the next distressing circumstance arrives. We already know God is our strength and deliverer; but we must also remind ourselves of that. Twice in Psalm 42 the writer speaks to himself, saying, “Why are you cast down, O my soul… Hope in God…” (v.5, ESV). Jesus Christ, who is God the eternal Son, bore the punishment of your rebellious nature and your sinful deeds so that you can belong to God. If God was pleased to do that, then you never need to worry that He will abandon you. Whatever is causing you distress is known to God, and He will bring you through it. Dwell on these things, intentionally, talk to yourself a lot about the goodness of God.

Meditate on verse 1. How are you going to apply it to your life?
Father, the Lord of heaven and earth, in the name of Jesus Christ, may my soul pant for You always. Amen.