Text: Luke 11: 1-54.
The main question that is being tackled in this chapter is ‘how can one obtain eternal life?’ The Jews thought the answer was to be scrupulously religious, but Jesus rebuked them severely for this (vv. 37-52). Their religion ignores the fact that God, unlike other people, looks at our heart, not superficial appearances! The text shows us, by contrast, that eternal life comes by asking God for it (vv. 9-10), requires a response of being on Jesus’ side, continuing to follow Him and obeying and hearing God’s Word (vv. 28-36).

Meditate on verses 2-4. What are the things Jesus is telling His disciples to pray about and for? What practical implications does this have for what you pray for?

Father in heaven, I acknowledge my unworthiness to inherit eternal life, and I ask that by Your Spirit purge me and make me a new creation.
Through Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.