Text: Esther 8:1-17.
As it was the custom in Persian tradition, a traitor’s property would return to the King and in this case the King gave Haman’s property (5:11) to queen Esther, who also put it under the custody of Mordecai (vv.1-2). Mordecai was more honoured than the first instance by matching out in royal colours (white and blue) of the Persian Empire (v.15). Haman’s killer decree was thwarted (v.8) and the Jews saved. The Jews everywhere in the province of Persia rejoiced and many none Jews became Jews! (v.17). Let your life style as a Christian cause many to turn to Christ!
Meditate on verse 17. How are you going to apply it to your life and family?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, forgive me for many I have stopped from
getting saved by the way I behave. Amen.