Text: Luke 4: 1-44.
In this chapter, we see the early stages of Jesus’ ministry, and how He avoids the kind of end-justifies-the-means thinking as He resisted Satan on three occasions and consciously choosing to follow the Will of His Father, God, down the hard road of His ministry (vv. 1-13). His refusal to be derailed from focusing on God’s work and God’s truth, which He was called to carry out showed how ready Jesus was to press on as He faithfully begins to minister to multitudes and to reach out to the demon possessed and the sick even amidst rejection and opposition (vv. 16-44). The summary of Jesus’ powerful teaching and healing ministry we see in the entire chapter does not only demonstrate His immense power and authority as a Mighty One in forgiving sins and healing miracle-stories (vv. 14-43) but it also challenges us to respond to His good news as the perfect way through whom our sins are forgiven (Colossians 1: 14).

Reflect on 4: 1-13. What does Heb. 4:15 teach about Jesus’ temptation? How should Christians respond to personal struggles?

Eternal God, our heavenly Father, I thank You for Your Word that reminds us of our spiritual bankruptcy before You and the need for a Saviour. I pray that by Your Spirit I may be led to walk before You in holiness and righteousness all my days, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.