Text: Genesis 35:1-29.
When Jacob first ran away from his home (chapter 28), Yahweh met him in a dream and gave him the promises of his fathers. More than 20 years later God brings Jacob back to the same village of the first visit, Bethel, and renewed the covenant. God also changed his name from Jacob (deceiver) to Israel (God prevails).

When Jesus accomplished all His work on earth, and when He ascended to the throne of heaven, He received from His Father an exalted name that is above all other names (Php.2:9). Even so, we who belong to Christ will also receive a new name (Rev.2:17). And the name of God, and the name of the New Jerusalem, and the new name of Christ will also be upon us (Rev.3:12) and sealed by the Holy Spirit (Eph.4:30). We belong to God and will dwell with Him forever!

Meditate on verse 9-12. How are you going to apply verse 10 to your life?

My heavenly Father, I pray that You change different circumstances around me. Forgive me and heal me. Bless and make me a new person.
In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.