Text: Mark 4:1-41
This is an exciting passage. Jesus always had purpose; He did not do things by chance. He had a reason for going to the other side of the lake; a reason for crossing by boat, instead of walking around and skirting the lake. He was going to show His disciples something about Himself.

As they sailed, a massive storm came, and the disciples were naturally anxious about drowning. But Jesus was asleep; at peace, not anxious.
They woke Jesus up and rebuked Him (v.38). So, Jesus commanded the storm to stop, and everything suddenly became calm and quiet. Now the disciples have a new thing of concern to them, they ask: “Who is this?!” That question is the point of the passage.

The answer is that Jesus is the Creator of, and Master over, everything, even storms. If He commands something, then it happens. Everything begins, continues, and ends at the Lord’s command. This is also true about problems in your life. Everything that happens in your life is designed by God and brought to you by God. Knowing this can give you peace of mind. When you are anxious because of troubles, go to the
Lord and ask him for deliverance. The trials in your life will probably not end immediately, but gradually. God uses the process to mature you; to teach you to trust and love Him; to make you more like Christ, and to glorify Him. Rest in Christ and be anxious about nothing.

Meditate on verse 39. What is God teaching you in this verse?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, calm down the storms and anxiety that are in us. Amen.