Text: Philippians 1:1-30.
Many People today love with their lips rather than their hearts. Others will say we prayed for you or we shall pray for you but all they mean is “see you”.
Paul is different. In verse 3 he thanks God for them; and his feeling that they share with him in God’s grace (7) his prayer is sealed by Verse (9) that love may abound. The result is insight and knowledge that leads to discernment.

Paul sees stumbling blocks as stepping stones; he sees chains as chances of advancing the gospel, prison for him became a platform for preaching. Do you use every opportunity to preach? He even suggests that some do not preach out of a good motive but they indeed preach (Phil. 1:15) – and this makes Paul rejoice. As we confront various denominations let us focus on the gospel rather than division.
Meditate on verse29. How are you going to apply it to your life?

Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that You will make me like Paul to Pray with thanks giving and in love for my family, Church and nation. Help me
to preach the gospel in all circumstances. I pray for other preachers and help me to rejoice over salvation rather than denomination. In Your
name, Jesus Christ, I have prayed. Amen.