Text: 1Timothy 2:1-15.
“For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” verse 5. By nature we are rebellious and hostile to God. It is only through Jesus Christ, the mediator who connects us to God because we are naturally alienated or estranged from God because of our sinful nature. Therefore through Christ and His righteousness, we are able to talk with God.

Please, always pray through the name of Jesus Christ, and then your prayers will be effective. To pray in Jesus’ name is not a kind of magical
formula to give power to our prayers, it means coming in the authority of Jesus Christ and not yours. The name, Jesus Christ, commands
authority. Before His name demons tremble!

Reflect on verses, 1 and 2, what is God teaching you in these verses, and how are you going to apply them to your life?

Father, in the name Jesus Christ, I pray for our leaders. Thank You for the right things you have enabled them to perform. Forgive them for the sins they have committed. Bring reconciliation and
heal our land, Amen.