Text: Genesis 4:1-26.
God told Adam, on the day you eat the fruit, you will surely die (Gen.2:17).
When Adam ate, he chose death for all humanity, and we see in chapter 4 a horrible manifestation of death – brother murders brother. God’s words to Cain are critical, “you must master sin”, we must, but sadly no one is able to and no one is willing to. Once Adam chose sin, we all became sinners by nature, sinning is what we do, mastering sin is of no interest to us. When Jesus became man, He mastered sin, He never submitted to temptation, He accomplished perfect righteousness for all His people. Cain took his brother’s life, but Jesus gives life to His brothers, so that we who belong to Jesus can love Him, trust Him, and live in grateful obedience to Him. We can even love others.

Meditate on verses 6-8. What is God teaching you in these verses? How are you going to apply verse 7 in your life and family?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that I will overcome sin and temptation. Give me victory over evil and all its desires. Amen.