Text: Luke 6: 1-49.
In this text, we see Jesus continuing to explicitly and openly describe a distinct way for His true followers that marks them out as children of God who reflect the true character of God to the world as opposed to the out-ward observance of the law. From among the people in general, Jesus is calling out His own people, the Church who must show His way in four practical ways: obedience (vv. 1-10), a remarkable reversal of values (vv. 20-26), following not merely the call of duty, but the call of love (vv.27-38) and integrity in what they say, what they do and who they are (vv. 39-45). This new way of life for the followers of Jesus (disciples) is a revolutionary call to take stock of where they themselves stand, and to find out whether they are ready to live out the Gospel message that brings untold blessings (vv. 39-49).

Meditate on verses 1-12. What do they teach us about the relationship between delighting in the Sabbath and delighting in God? What benefits do we enjoy from a well spent Sabbath?
Gracious Father, I pray that You give me grace and strength to obey the Gospel message day by day. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.