Text: Genesis 37:1-36.
The focus of the story now turns to Joseph, whose mother was Rachel.
Because of the heavy emphasis on Joseph, it might seem that the covenant promises go through him, but that blessing will go to Judah (a
great grand-father of Jesus). For now, we see God using Joseph, and his brothers’ hatred for him, to bring his family into Egypt.

In the story of Joseph, we see something of the work of God in the ministry of Jesus Christ. As Joseph was cast off from the family by the wickedness of his jealous brothers, even so Jesus faced fierce opposition from His fellow Jews, especially from the religious authorities, who feared His popularity.

Joseph was then enslaved and imprisoned but eventually exalted. From his high office he saved his people. Likewise, Jesus was put to death, but on the third day He was raised, and from His seat on the throne of God, He brings His people into eternal life.

Meditate on verses 6-11. What lessons do you learn from verse 35?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray against jealousness in families.
I pray for harmony and love, reconciliation and blessings that come from above, Amen.