Text: Acts 21:1-40.
As Paul travelled to Jerusalem after a mission journey, he stayed in Caesarea for several days. While he was there, a certain prophet said that Paul was going to be arrested in Jerusalem (vv.10-14). The fellow believers grieved over this news and begged him not to go. But Paul was adamant and not willing to change his mind. He had to take donations to the poor Christians in Jerusalem, money collected from believers on his mission. Besides that, he was willing to die for the sake of Christ.

Are you willing to die for Jesus Christ? I think we all would say, “YES”. But the sad fact is that, every day we refuse to die for Jesus. Every time you disobey Jesus (sin), you have chosen not to die for Him, not to live for Him. Thankfully,
our salvation is not based on our faithfulness – we would be lost. He died so that you could have eternal life. Let us give our lives to Him in daily obedience, dying to self and living for Christ.

Meditate on verse 19. How are you going to apply it to your life?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, give me courage to witness for You by my words and lifestyle. Amen.