Acts 14:1-28.
Whenever Paul entered a new city, his habit was to go first to the Jews, meeting with them in a synagogue, the Jewish Sabbath gathering (vv. 1-7).
It was right to do so, because the promise of the Messiah came through the Jews, so they should be the first to hear about the fulfillment. But Christ is for all nations, so Paul took the message to them, as well. But along with the proclamation came persecution, as Jesus promised (John15:20).

The message of Christ is contrary to all other religions. It is not enough for unbelievers to ignore the message. They, and the evil one, seek to close the ears of others, and to kill and to destroy the message, even if that means killing the messengers. Often in our day opposition is very slight, because we live in a polite society. But if you talk to someone about the details of the gospel, you will see hatred directly. Remember, if a person does not trust Christ’s work, they cannot be saved from sin. Please be brave and reach out
to others with the message of salvation.

Meditate on verse 15. How are you going to apply it to your life?

My heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray for the many who are lost to come to You and receive eternal life. Amen.