The ideal situation we discussed yesterday is badly overthrown in today’s reading. The key actors in this tragedy are: God, the serpent, Adam, Adam’s dear wife, Eve and the Ecosystem. Man, who, was created to be God – dependent is now seen pushing to be God-independent but with disastrous consequences. He overstepped the set boundaries, chose to rebel instead and the outcome was disastrous. God swiftly judged these actions and set new terms of relationship. Adam was judged for failing to heed Gods instructions, the serpent was not spared either, for leading man into temptation, Eve was added to the list for believing a lie and the ecosystem received the results! Lesson: Man is to exercise freewill responsibly and sin has consequences and negative rewards.

God took the initiative to: 1. Judge sin and rebellion by banishing man from the garden and by ensuring he doesn’t eat of the tree of life
whereby he would live a sinner forever; 2. He clothed them with skins instead of twigs; 3. He also promised a Savior in the form of a seed
of a woman, and 4. He fulfilled this promise in the Person and work of the incarnated Christ-the second person of the Trinity. In all history,
God took the initiative to redeem man to Himself and have the broken relationships restored; these are the broken relationships between God and Man, man and his neighbor and even so between man and his wife!
He ultimately demonstrated His intention of bringing man back to the original position through the ministry of Jesus, the Christ. This same
Jesus has delegated this same ministry to the Church. On the Cross, Christ was reconciling man back to God.

Reflect on verse 9, you need to answer the same question, “Where are you?” The Lord wants to fellowship with you, are you lost in the pleasures of this world? What things distract you from being in a fellowship with your God?

My heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I do thank You Lord for revealing Yourself and Your will to me though Your Word
and Son. I pray you shall always incline my will to do Yours on earth as it is done in heaven. May my thoughts, words and actions
be pleasing in Your sight. Amen.