Text: Genesis 2:7-15.

Like the Triune God is community, man was created to be in community/communion, in fellowship with God and with one another. He was placed in a delightful place, paradise, that is, a luxurious garden to work it and enjoy its fruit within prescribed boundaries and dependent on God.

He was also to be responsible for his actions. He was meant to be in fellowship with God and a good steward of creation. In fact, it is said that God visited him in the cool of the day. The ecosystem also was very well balanced and this ideal situation was rudely interrupted by sin and then, the fall. The fall brought about terrible consequences that humanity has since had to deal with.

Reflect on verse 3, what is God teaching you in this verse? In your daily practice how do you treat the Lord’s Day? How are you going to apply this verse to your life?

Dear God, in the name of Jesus Christ, thank You for the wonderful plan You have for me and for the whole of mankind. Even when I
have been unworthy, You have still cared for and provided for me. Amen.