Text: Matthew 17:1-8.
In this passage, three of the disciples get a glimpse of Jesus’ heavenly glory, the glory He had before He came to do His earthly ministry (John.17:5). His face was shining like the sun and His clothing became as white as light. In this present existence, human beings are not able to see Jesus in the fullness of His glory, but someday we will. If the earthly visions of Jesus, a portion of His full glory, were glorious, how wonderful it will be when we see Him as He really is (1 John 3:2). Oh, let me “gaze
upon the beauty of the LORD” (Ps.27:4).

Reflect on verse 3, what were Moses and Elijah talking with Christ (Luke 9:31)?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, open our eyes so that we may see Your glory in Your risen Son, Jesus Christ. Forgive us for the many sins that act as a veil over our eyes and we are unable to see You as we ought to. Amen.