Text: Acts 11:1-30.
When Peter returns to Jerusalem, he tells the fellow Christians (who used to be religious Jews) about how salvation had come to the gentiles (vv. 15- 18, 22, 25-26). When they heard that the gentiles not only trusted in Jesus, but that their belief was confirmed by Christ’s gift of the Holy Spirit, they accepted that salvation was going beyond Judaism. That’s us also in Uganda and around the world!
Also in this chapter we see the beginning of the mission of Saul/Paul.

Barnabas, the encourager (4:36) is called to preach in Antioch, an important city in that part of the world. Barnabas could have done the work himself, but he recognised God’s call on Saul’s life, and so he took Saul along. If you are a leader, be willing to disciple others. Do not seek to have “glory” for yourself.
And even if you are not an “official” leader, encourage others in their faith.
This is what Jesus did for His disciples, and we must do the same for one another.

Meditate on verse 21. How are you going to apply it to your life?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, increase the number whom You call to Yourself every day. Amen.