Text: Luke 10: 1-42.
In this passage, we see Jesus teaching people why it is important to know Him as He is: He is the only means of knowing God (v.22) and the only means of gaining eternal life (vv. 23-42). On the other hand, rejecting Him leads to condemnation (vv. 13-16). So, knowing Jesus personally is the only way to obtain the benefits of what He offers us. This is incomparably more important than anything one can do, even in His name or for Him (vv. 20, 42). This does not mean that serving Jesus is not valuable, but it puts our most worthwhile service of Him into its true perspective.

Reflect on vv. 10-16 cf. Genesis 19: 12-28. What is the ‘day’ referred to in v.12? What will happen ‘on that day’ to those who reject God’s message?

Lord, Jesus Christ, open my eyes to see the need for me to know You as Lord and Saviour personally, and see the blessings that come with the salvation You offer. In Your name, Jesus Christ, I have prayed, Amen.