Text: Romans 6:1-23.
“…He died to sin once for all…”, verse 10 [NKJV]. Jesus Christ died to sin in two ways: 1. To pay sin’s penalty. A sinner bears legal requirement for punishment and Jesus Christ’s death paid for His own people – those destined to be saved. 2. Also to break the power of sin forever for those who are destined to be saved.

This legal requirement was fulfilled once for all, there is no repetition. So as a believer you have died to sin and you should live to glorify God in all ways. Sin should not reign in your mortal body or be part of instruments of unrighteousness, meaning that your body parts should not be tools that accomplish the agenda to violate God’s holy will and Law, [verses 1-13]. Meditate on verses 12-13. How are you going to apply these verses to your life as a Christian?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that I will live to glorify You and that my body parts will accomplish Your agenda in my generation.