Text: Romans 12:1
The sacrificial system from Moses is what we should have in mind here, especially the sacrifices that involved the killing of an animal. A person who was under the guilt of sin would bring a perfect animal to the priest, who would kill the animal as a substitute for the person, who should have died for the sin. Of course, an animal cannot actually remove sin from a human being. The animal being killed represented the future Saviour, Jesus Christ, who would be a real human substitute, a human death to pay the penalty for human sin.

How does that apply to the transformed life? We must now give to God our bodies as living sacrifices. However, something still needs to be put to death, though not a physical death but spiritual one. We are commanded to put to death the thoughts, desires, and behaviours that are not pleasing to God, that we had before we were saved. We must run away from temptations, which draw us away from the Lord. We must keep away from people who have a bad influence on us, etc. We must then live for the Lord. It’s not easy putting to death the things we used to love (still love?!). Let us remember God’s mercy for us. It is right for us to die to self and live for Him. You will have failures and sin, but the Lord loves you and He will not cast you away. Confess your weakness and rely on Him for strength.

Meditate on verse 1. How are you going to apply it to your life?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, help me present my body and life style as living sacrifice to You. Amen.