Text: Deuteronomy 21:18-21.
This passage might seem cruel and barbaric, but it is intended to show the seriousness of disobedience to parents and to show that sin is not
permitted the Kingdom of God. The son being executed is not a small child but is probably a young adult, living with his parents in their home, and showing a life-long, unbroken pattern of rebellion against them. The passage says nothing about the parents; it simply and clearly teaches the consequences of rebellion. The way parents are treated by children is a direct reflection of the heart attitude toward God! Disobedience to God is serious and has eternal consequences.

Reflect on verse 21, what does this verse teach you? Does it scare you?
Do you still take caring for your parents lightly? Do you have any sin to repent of?

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I cry out to You that You have mercy on children both; young and old who have not cared for their
parents. Forgive them and give them love for their parents. Amen.