Text: Proverbs 22:1-16.
When the Bible speaks about foolishness, it does not mean being silly.
Folly is about a person who has no interest in the things of God, and his life manifests that heart condition (Psalm 14:1). The verse for today
teaches us that children are full of foolishness! Scripture does, however, instruct us that consistent, firm, and gentle discipline, with love, will drive away the folly (Prov.13:24).If a parent allows a child to continue in the wrong direction, the child will grow to be a rebel against God. If you love your child, with firm discipline, done in love, you will save his soul from hell (Pv.23.14). (Re-read yesterday’s passage)

Reflect on verse 15, how do you discipline your children? Are you available or it is the other people; teacher, maids and neighbors who are
shaping the mind of your children?

My heavenly father, I pray for discipline in children. Father, You created them and it is only You who can touch and shape their
behaviour. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.