The Christian women’s fellowship (CWF) was started in Uganda in 1905. It is a non-discriminatory ministry which unites all Christian women, young, old, married, unmarried or widowed to uphold the world wide fellowship of Christian women in prayer and service.

The all saints Chapter was started in 1997.


Be the leading CWF in the diocese of Kampala, by raising Christian women in the fear, love and service of the Lord.


To serve the Lost by unifying, developing and supporting Christian women in the church and communities.

Aims and Objectives                                             

  • To fellowships with women in the cathedral and diocese so as to enable their spiritual and personal development.
  • To promote the practice of exemplary Christian life and observance of Christian principles namely helping the needy, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and visiting the sick, visiting and counselling the bereaved etc.
  • To promote the study of Holy Scriptures and participate in Bible study, instruction on the Catechism and Sunday school.
  • To emulate Mary Magdalene and carry out evangelism.
  • To promote social, economic and personal development of members.


Membership is open to all Christian women from the age of Twelve (12) years. New members are enrolled every year on Mary Magdalene Day.


Every year, members elect their leaders. Eligibility for leadership of the fellowship is limited to enrolled members who have paid membership fees. The leadership team comprises of the following officers.


Vice chairperson


Deputy Secretary


Five Committer members

Programmes and activities:                                  

CWF has several programmes and activities that facilitate the achievement of its aims and objectives and contribute to the realisation of the missionof All Saints Cathedral. The fellowship has long term, short term and continuous programmes and activities. These are:

Long Term                  

We identify and support to needy children to attain education.

Continuing programmes

CWF is also involved in continuous programmes and activities to promote spiritual growth, personal development, and economicwell-being and consolidate unity of the members.

These activities include:       

Visiting the sick.

Visiting and counselling with the bereaved.

Bi-weekly fellowship for members.

Housing guest speakers to the cathedral.

Personal Development and well-being activities.

Conference, seminars and retreats.


The funds used by the fellowship to carry out its aims and objectives come from five main streams.

Membership fees.

Cathedral Contribution.


Donations from well-wishers and various funding support agencies.

Decoration Project.


The fellowship meets twice a month on “the second and last Saturday of the month”