There is a sense in which God has prompted many parishioners; be it individuals, families or groups to give to His work. Today marks six months since the site was handed over to the Contractor and the physical progress is visible and very exciting. You can now stand on
the first gallery formation and look over Kampala city. The parishes from the Dioceses are now active and have joined for thanksgiving.

We ACP Team, want to share in the celebration with all parishioners. We do appreciate every prayer, sacrifice, contribution and support by each of you and the sister parishes of the Diocese of Kampala. So far we have collected Ugsh 3.7 bn, part of which has been spent to pay project costs. We are left with Shs.3.5bn (about 1 million US dollars) to complete Phase 2.

Many radical givers have indeed shown us that God is able. To list a few examples; last year, a family through their children brought all their piggy bank savings to ACP. There is a child studying in New Field Nursery School who is perhaps the most frequent ACP giver. This child brings in various amounts from Shs.300 to Shs.5,000 towards ACP. A retiring lady sent in shs. 3,000,000; Another parishioner committed to contribute Ugshs 100 million by the end of this phase and is paying in consistently. A family recently gave thanks and UGX 6,223,000 and was collected. We can go on and on to the glory of God.

What the above shows is that we can do it in our time and we pray that as you honour God, He will honour your giving. There is no limit to what God can do; and please be part of it! If you choose to partner with God as an individual, family, group or company over the remaining 10 months, we can raise the outstanding funding for Phase 2 and perhaps with a surplus:

Nakasero Hill will never be the same again and what we shall see in our generation is the glory of the Lord revealed and many nations will come to worship with us. So let us “double our giving” and without any doubt we shall be there to celebrate the
victory. To God be the Glory.

For more details, clarifications and pledges please contact the ACP Secretariat on the following address:
ACP Secretariat, Plot 4, Lugard Road,,
Manager: Rev. Jasper ( 0751-527737, 0712-527737 )
ACP Vice Chair: Collin ( 0755-500560 ) or Chair Technical Richard 0772-449737,
Peoples Warden James ( 075-447109 )