20151211_120519-jpgOne of the reasons God brings two people together in marriage is for the purpose of raising godly children who look like Him. “God wants husbands and wives to become one body and one spirit. Why? So that they would have holy children and protect that spiritual unity…”(Malachi 2:15). How is this accomplished? Obviously, the only perfect model of parenting is God the Father, and therefore, as we look at Him and His Word, we can be able to know exactly how to raise children.

In order to raise godly children, by necessity, parents must model godliness children often model the character of their parents. Paul challenges us to be imitators … Eph. 5:1-2 , “You are God’s dear children, so try to be like Him. Live a life of love. Love others just as Christ loved us….”.He calls us to immitate God our father as dear children and to live a life of love . As a parent, God is loving, righteous, holy etc and therefore, His children will in the same way reflect His character.

Similary, parents must be people of character if they are going to raise godly children. Children raised in a loving home, by parents with character, typically mimic the virtues demonstrated by their parents. In contrast, parents who are not around, who lack self control in their speech or with anger etc, prodce the same character in their children. They won’t be able to cultivate righteousness in them, infact , the hypocrisy will only lead them to rebel.

In 1Timothy 4:16, Paul challenged Timothy the Pastor of the church of Ephesus to be careful about his doctrine (what he taught) and his life (how he lived) because if he did, he would save those who listen to him. In other words he could say it this way: “Timothy if what you say doesn’t match your actions, you will destroy those who follow you.” And this is the same for parents today, many parents destroy their children because they have a speech that doesn’t match their actions. They tell their daughters and sons not to fight and yet themselves fight even in their presence.

Unless we modle godliness, we will not be able to cultivate it into our children and future generations.
May the Lord help us be the kind of parents that will glorify Him.

Rev. Capt. Florence Aliganyira