What is God’s Given potential and How to discover it.
By:Zac Kisembo


A life that is fully surrounded and supported of God and the only reason you stand and succeed is because of God.

Walk in love ???? and share the word of God.

To discover your potential is to detest sin.
Heaven rejoices for the transformation of life.

The reason you keep going is because of people. For they are the most dear thing to God.


Living for God
Our Attitude. Look at it in line with Christ and how He intends it to be.
No matter where you are, God is faithful.

The attitude of a servant. Christ came to serve. ie Christ said He came to serve and not to be served.
Philippians.2 :22

The attitude of an alien ????. Whatever you do, just know you will leave it there. You are just passing through. 1 peter:2:11

You can not afford to be comfortable or befriend everyone.

You are an epistle. You are a letter to be read. How do you carry yourself. Are you that first person people run to? 2cor:3:1-3

You are blessed to be a blessing. Have an attitude to support.
Seek out and reach out to people and follow up.

We are void of true sacrificial love. Acts:2…they brought their possessions and shared them equally.

Verse 4 watch your actions and how you live. Keep Pure.
Be content with what you have.
1 Timothy:6: