“Victory for the Doubtful”
Sermon by Mr. Seguya Paul
John 20:19-29

Doubt:- believing that there is another truth.
Doubting the resurrection.

Why would Thomas doubt that Christ rose again?

Remember the Disciples were closest to Jesus. So even when you are the most fire spitting and demon chasing, sometimes you doubt.

Whose report do you believe? Doctors had written off my mother’s liver as “finished” and a year later, the liver was fully restored in size, density and functionality. There was no more reason to doubt Christ.

Thomas’ teacher, master, and Lord had just died ….he couldn’t take it easily by word that he had resurrected.

When and why have you doubted?

Have your heard what Jesus has said? Remember Jesus often told them that it would happen. That he would die and resurrect. …and yet still they doubted. ….so what is it that you’ve heard over and over in your life, and yet still doubt?

How does God speak to us? When you hear one’s testimony like Thomas heard that of the other disciples, do you believe them or you remain in doubt.

Illustration: Seguya calls up Manzi and ask him a set of questions to cause doubt as to the knowledge of him. Manzi maintains that he knows him without doubt because they’ve fellowshiped together countless times.

We doubt God because we don’t know HIM.

Remember the scripture says that Thomas was not with them when Christ first came. Itis therefore possible that he did not Christ the way others knew Him.

Are we so much in fellowship with the Lord that even when a message is brought, you can affirm it or negate it, as not being from the Lord?

Qn: Do you know the Lord?

Do we know Jesus or we simply know what He can do?

Purpose to know HIM so well that you will have no doubt as to HIM doing what HE says HE will do.

When you believe God, you are in a better place, and can fight off the doubt that so easily invades our minds.

God is able to do just what HE said HE will do. He is going to fulfill every promise to you. Don’t give up on God, coz HE won’t give up on you. HE’s Able …..is a song on our lips. #wellsprings

Are you in doubt. Do know that the Lord is going to come through and yet still hold back in trusting HIM. Surrender all and believe that HE IS ABLE. For we declare victory for the Doubtful. Be encouraged beyond reasonable doubt that if HE can RISE from the DEAD then there is nothing that is IMPOSSIBLE for HIM. HE is our God and has promised victory over the enemy and all his plans. Be blessed.

A total of 31 knelt before the Altar in prayer and victory over their doubts.

I will exhalt the Lord at all times. His praise will always be on my lips. I sought the Lord and HE answered me. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Fear the Lord oh you people, for all who fear Him lack nothing……said David in time of trouble.

Note by Brian Kambaho Karogo