Praise the lord, It has been of great honor and asked to be the preacher of the day here at Namugongo, I dont want to embrace the great kigezi region, pray for me as I preach because we trust the lord up to the end- (paka last). My spiritual life was mentored by the church of Uganda, so now I come as your servant.

I completed my primary school at nakasero primary school, when my father was a medical officer at Muago hospital, but then transferred to the greater kigezi where he was transferred to head the area as a head of medical personnel which was then a district and its now combined as the organizers of this function.

My father grew up in the home of non-Christians but when i was still at in school, he got saved. This happened after hearing two gentlemen preaching about Jesus in London these include William Nagenda and these great men did not talk about revival, but talked about Jesus Christ.

When I finished my school in kabale while in my last ter, one of the boys in my dormitory knelt next to his bed and prayed and the following morning we laughed at him and asked him what were you doing? And he said “I was asking Jesus to be my personal saviour and I thank him for saving me” and I also knelt next to my bed and in one one I moved from from laughing into repenting for laughing at him.

So my testimony is that I became a citizen of heaven in the republic of Uganda. I returned to Kabale as a young teacher and had a Focus conference kigezi high school and later asked for tranport to go Rukungiri where we moved on the top of the lorry.Therefore, I apologize because it is illegal we didn’t follow the law. But we sung to be the ambassadors of Jesus Christ through all the journey and it is one of the most important memories in my life and we said ” we are ambassadors up to the end (paka last) ”

For the last twenty years, I have been invited into great kigezi area to visit, and to do a number of missions and preach the gospel and we could find using the kabale themes convention of the past years and we could start by the most common ones which said, JESUS IS ENOUGH and then say, Jesus is enough, another one was “JESUS IS THE LIGHT OF THE LIGHT” so those choirs from kigezi understand what am talking about. Then in 2011, your Grace, your predecessor invited me to conduct a retreat of the clergy of Kampala diocese, by that time I was still a vicar and that week, we spend it while experiencing the power of the lord and about six of the vicars in the retreat are now bishops ” I inclusive “.

Your Grace, you did a great job of sending three Bishops to witness my consecration, these include the Bishop Hanington mutebi and Bishop Cranmer mugisha. After being consecrated as a Bishop, the Dean of our cathedral told me that this chair of the Bishop needs to seated on by a Christian leader who is different and gave me a long line of bishops from United kingdom and said NO, I requested that my bishop’s chair, should be dedicated to the man I knew when I was a young boy, therefore my chair in the cathedral is dedicated to JONAN LUWUM who was the archbishop of Uganda and in that time, Bishop Taylor our Bishop, appreciated his ministry.In this case I want to say one word from JONAN LUWUM, ” I humbly express my gratitude and appreciation that indeed the world has moved on under your leadership and stability of this nation ”


I did some research as a dotcom Bishop, I listen to the preachers who has preached in this place in past days, I also watched the television broadcast while fundraising and this is what I quoted from the television, “THIS NAMUGONGO, IS SPIRITUAL AND ALSO HAS A NATIONAL SIGNIFICANCY,BECAUSE THE HISTORY OF UGANDA, IN ALL HAPPPENED HERE” ALL WERE SAID BY THE PRIME MINISTER DR. RUHAKANA RUGUNDA, If this is not enough, the Bishops of greater kigezi, asked me to preach from Revelation 2;2 ( Be faithful even at the point of death and I will give a crown of life).

2000 years ago, the greatest king that exited was king ceasor Augustus, he was ruling all away from England up to Africa, even the whole of Europe and Asia, no one had defeated his army, no one would oppose him, but on day he said, every person should go where he was born from, and the whole world moved, when the word was mentioned as everyone moved, something small and interesting happened, In that small village a young couple came, that is to say, Joseph and Maria walked to go and be registered and the baby was born, which king was working on those matters and through his time JESUS he pushed by the king CEASOR even on his death and ruled his death, and Jesus, looked at the cross, and he was put to death, but on the third day he rose again, but which king was working, ceasor or Jesus?. Who was working, ceasor or Jesus?

When you look at that, there was misunderstanding between the king and Jesus, but Christians of that time, ” we shall serve another king because the kingship of Jesus, is not a kingship of power, using finance but the kingship of the heart and we get compromised as Christians when we reach on such issues.

Therefore, you reflect of the letter we have read in revelation, I know your poverty and resistance on persecution. So my friends of great kigezi inherited such a wonderful word, because their grandparents were the one who used to preach during the rival movement which moved all the country and the whole of east Africa and many parts of the world, that gospel was preached and they started calling them BALOKORE, so that is why I asked someone, did I get saved, and they would tell me that am Christian, but not saved, but is this one possible, doesn’t it the kingship of Jesus that find king ship in your life?

On this day, these 25 young men refused to denounce Jesus Christ, but we as walkers a we ready to do the same?upto the last time. These young men as they were dieing, started singing songs of praise and songs of praise are songs of heaven and these kings got a astonished, “was not that the holy spirit who was working at that time that came through Steven who was the first martyr to be killed? He asked. While stoning him, then looked at heaven, and said ” I can see Jesus”.

Pilgrims, why do you come here, priests, bishops, I think we need to review the prime minister’s ward where said,we need a spirit life, a testimony of today, not of yesterday, to see Jesus, like the 25 martyrs who died on this day.

Thanks very much.

The writer: Bernard Kwiringira Japhali