Church Outdoor (June 2016)

Church Outdoor (June 2016)

For a moment, I thought we had gone to the wrong place. There were children running everywhere, shouting; all excited by our arrival.

Conventional thinking would have anyone going out to share with, support, or offer aid to someone in need, think lowly of that person. We call them disadvantaged, unprivileged, disabled, etc and though we may be right, all these names many times serve to blind us even more to who they truly are.

Scovia is 5 year old girl at Kampala Spastics School. And there’s more to her than her walking stick. She loves to tell stories, play games, visitation days (when her daddy comes over) and singing. The spark in her eyes lit a fire in my heart, it reminded me that love knows no boundaries and conquers all things.

Despite the fact that many of the children are either physically disabled or mentally impaired, this has not robbed them of life.
Their little hearts throb with as much life as ours do, their imaginations are probably even more diverse than most. Their love for fun and games is like that of any child. Watching them run across the open field was miraculous.

I have not felt as insufficient for the task at hand as I did standing before those children, not knowing how to engage them, how to teach them, how to communicate with them, how to come down to their level and simply love them like Jesus. In my heart, I fell to my knees and asked God to use me as a vessel of his love to these little ones.

And boy! Oh! boy! Did God show up extravagantly. It was a very exciting and humbling experience to play, eat, talk, and listen to the children, and to know that God made us all, and that He loves us all.

God’s call to us is not to struggle and contend to do only the great and mighty things, which many Christians often desire, but to do even the seemingly small things which too, when done in Love, yield great victories and accomplish much.

To love one another as we love ourselves, and to do it, even unto the least of these.

By His Grace
In His Service
Praff Phillip