.:: By: Karamagi Kristen ::..

I started off preparations for this mission with not many expectations but just for the team to bond and grow together spiritually and to be overwhelmed greatly by God while out there spreading the gospel.

I am pleased to say that the Lord graciously allowed me meet my expectations and kept overwhelming me throughout the trip.

This being my first mission trip, i have to admit i was abit scared.

Scared about not knowing what to say at some point during the one on one sessions, scared of losing focus on the real point which is Christ and focusing more on the perfection of the play.

But Christ in His perfect love kept using me. I learnt to ask for confidence and wisdom and He gave them to me. He kept reminding me that it was all for Him and unto others. I can confidently say that everytime i went to speak to people after the production, it wasn’t really me but God.

I hope that even after this trip, i will be able to share His gospel. I am ready to be used by Him.

I bless the Lord for His perfect timing and will. I learnt more than ever at this trip to trust Him completely. Even when things dont go as we plan, God in His wisdom always has a perfect plan and a reason as to why He lets things happen the way they do.

As a team, we have grown closer than ever and i only pray that the bond stands strong even after we join campus.

All this, to the glorification of the Lord!