By: Ivan Naijuka

Today, 30 March 2018, Hundreds of Christians have participated in the way of the cross, an annual event organized by the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC).
The Christians from Kampala diocese and other well-wishers started from All Saints’ Cathedral with prayers in led by the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali.

The clergy and Christians walked from All Saint’s Cathedral going down through Kyangwe road, while praying for the inhabitants of Kampala city and the nation at large.

Christians thronged road pavements and buildings to wave and join their leaders in commemorating the suffering of our lord Jesus Christ.

Leading prayers, the Provost of the cathedral, The Very Rev. Canon. Michael Mukhwana prayed against murders, theft, corruption and poverty in our nation.

In the same way, the assistant bishop of Kampala diocese, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Hannington Mutebi called upon the metropolitan Christians to shun the evil and turn to Christ who knows all their life.

The chairperson of the ecumenical Christians, the Roman Catholic archbishop of Kampala diocese, His Grace Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga led the prayers that were organized at Old Kampala SSS asked Christians to remember the meaning of the cross and turn away from evil that has eaten up of society.

In his message, Dr. Lwanga said that there is a problem of inequality distribution of wealth in Uganda and it might even be the cause of the ramped death in our country. “Another problem we have is inequality & distribution of wealth. People are being killed & correct me if I’m wrong, they can’t be found, yet they use phones & they can easily load mobile money on these phones? How can you tell me they can’t be found?” he said.
Talking in a slow torn, the catholic archbishop called on the president to check his government because it is infiltrated with wrong people.

“Government thinks religious leaders want to over throw government, but this is the humble message I have for the president, you’re recruiting wrong people, the people with a wrong record and they are the ones who are shining in front of you” Archbishop Lwanga said.

In addition to that, archbishop Lwanga reminded the congregation that as church leaders, they also suffer the same humiliation and abuses like government officials. “We also suffer the same fate, we are misguided and abused, and our political leaders can’t even escape this same fate. I call upon all of you to stop telling lies, stop misleading our president.”

Christian carried banners with different messages; be reconciled and turn to God, Examination malpractice compromises our education fight it now and those that praised Christ our savior.
The way of the cross is a Christian devotion commemorating Jesus Christ’s walk from Pilate’s court to Calvary where he suffered death after he was nailed on cross.