• Theme of the year; Unlocking family potential for divine destiny through prayer
    Sub theme February; dealing with sin
    Topic; Effects of sin
    Mr. Manzi Ayebare shared about the effects of sin on 11th of this month.
    Following the series these are some of the questions he answered as he preached to the teens.
    What is sin?
    Sin is any act of disobedience. It can also be referred to as disobedience to the instructions of God.
    Why do people sin?
    People don’t sin because they want to. Rather they sin because it is a nature inherited from Abraham. Romans 6:20. It is until they receive Jesus Christ ass there personal lord and savior that sin ceases to have power over them romans 6:15-23
    Does sin have positive and negative effects?
    No sin doesn’t. Sin only has negative effects never has it had positive ones and the bible clearly states that the wages of sin is death. Romans 6:23
    He also pointed out the effects of sin and they include;
  • Spiritual death, Genesis 3:8. Death came into the world as a result of what Adam and Eve did. That is also where we see the first death of animals, where God had to skin some animals to make cloth for Adam and eve. (Skin hides)
  • Breaks relationship between man and God. Isaiah 59:2
  • Destroys relationships between man and fellow man. Relating to the story of Abel and Cain where we see jealousy leading Cain into murdering his own brother.
  • It creates an atmosphere of destruct. Romans 8:22-24