Greetings in our Lord’s name.
Notice is hereby given to you, that on the Sunday of 30th April 2017, sitting in Annual General Meeting, the Cathedral Parish shall elect, from her membership, qualified and duly nominated persons to fill positions on the parish Council for the next tenure of service.
The following Council positions shall be available for filling.

  1. Hon. Secretary
  2. Hon. Treasurer
  3. Peoples’ Warden

20 Councilors to whom the Council shall specifically assign one to care for the interests of the following Ministries/interests/and constituencies of our common life.

  1. Youths and students
  2. Children Ministry
  3. Family life
  4. Mission, Evangelism and Discipleship
  5. Prayer and Intercession
  6. Compassion
  7. Leadership and Mentoring
  8. Home Cell and Pastoral care
  9. Worship Arts
  10. Social services (Nursery School)
  11. Stewardship
  12. Communication
  13. Human Resources
  14. Creed Resort
  15. ACP

We do request you to:

  1. Take note of this development and pray for its smooth running and that God will lead us to suitable people for this role and season.
  2. Begin looking around from amongst us who the Lord may be calling and has equipped to serve on this Council.
  3. Consider and actually nominate such as you will have established in (b) above,
    for presentation to the AGM for election.
  4. Please note these dates and activities:
    -April 2nd 2017 Notice of Election issued
    -April 9th Picking of Nominations Forms
    -April 16th & 23rd Publishing of nominees
    -April 30th 2017 AGM and Elections

Chairman Elections Committee