It was another beautiful Sunday but one of a kind! Going for church outdoor, I definitely had mixed feelings and I was not sure what to expect about how the day would turn out but I decided to be a part of the amazing cause.


Lucky with some of the children at the Kampala Spastics School


We visited the Kampala Spastics School formerly the Kampala School of the disabled on Mengo Hill.  Wow! We were received by such a warm welcome by these kids. They kept screaming, ‘Visitors Visitors!!’ I could definitely see the love and excitement just by their actions. So I definitely knew it was time to reciprocate this love. I took that bold step and started to play with a few of the kids. Step by step, I got carried away and was very comfortable.

There was this little girl in particular who warmed up to me. We sat down and started having a deep conversation about her name, her class, her age then we went from colors to where Jesus lives and before I knew it, we started singing all the rhymes I had ever known growing up. My attitude changed totally, I began to see how God makes everything beautiful no matter the situation. It is true when the bible says none will inherit the kingdom of God unless we are as innocent as children.

I realized that these children are not disabled, they are just differently abled in such a special way. “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me.” Matthew 25:40.

Let us reach out to the people in our community. Sometimes all they need is love!

Nebyebyoona Lucky