By: Bernard Kwiringira.

”God’s Grace is undeserved favor’ Rev. Moses Ahimbisibwe said this while speaking to the Christians who attended Monday fellowship on 18th.June.2018. Everybody needs favor, without it you cannot live a holy life, Rev. Moses added.

While speaking to the Christians who came up with an idea of forming groups during the fellowship under the guidance of the deputy team lead Ms Cynthia, members were inspired to discuss about grace which was a topic of the evening discussion that was extracted from the book of Hebrews 12:15 which says ”see to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up of cause trouble and defile many” , quoted.

Mr. Moses Ndugwa among the those who took a group lead in his presentation about grace. he said ” grace is a favor, free gift of eternal life in faith”.

On how grace can be missed, Ndugwa said, it lead to denial of salvation and lead to continuous disobedience which include being rebellious, unrepentant, and sinfulnesses.

More so, Ndugwa on implications of missing out grace, he said, it lead to bitterness, bring restless in the heart, being envious and lead to idlelatory.

Mr. Henry Kakuhikyire the fellowship coordinator thanked the Christians for availing themselves and remained committed and faithful. You cannot grow in spirit when your are Christian who doesn’t belong to any fellowship at church.

Monday fellowship is among the All saints cathedral fellowships which always takes place every Monday at 5:30pm. Though majority of the parishioners don’t attend but every one is encouraged to attend.