My name is Dorothy, and i feel so much joy sharing this testimony of how outreach has impacted my life. I began my salvation journey this year in April, but it seemed too hard for me then because i did not have much support from my circle of friends and family. And now for a new journey, Jesus was my only companion, but i was committed to doing this. I devoted myself to attending service every Sunday (at least that’s all i thought salvation was about), All i knew is  that Jesus loves me and he had forgiven my sins. And for sometime i was comfortable with just that, until my world suddenly became lonely. My friends started complaining how i had suddenly changed and become “weird”, our conversations gradually shortened since we no longer had much in common to talk about… I longed for someone to understand me and not think am becoming “weird”.

School Outreach at Crown City, St. Lawrence

School Outreach at Crown City, St. Lawrence

I remember coming to church alone every Sunday, with so many unanswered questions which at that time didn’t know were all in my Bible. But i had one burning desire in my heart that kept me going!!!. I wanted  to know God, to live for him, to serve him and to always do the right thing. I was seated alone in 3 pm service one day and i prayed to God, asked him to give me at least one good friend that will pray for me, encourage me and pick me up when i fall. Which reminds me of Ecc 4:9. I had just opened my eyes when two friendly ladies walked in and sat next to me. (That was Becky and Damalie ?) They told me about the YOMs fellowship and i made sure i didn’t miss it. I needed a Christian family to belong. That’s where i met Lauben who told me about outreach, and a couple of other amazing friends who encouraged me to join.

 And that’s how i joined outreach ministry, In July. I knew i wasn’t perfect and didn’t have any qualification to serve God. I considered myself a very shy person and wasn’t sure if i could even speak in public. I was very sure i hadn’t read the bible from Genesis to Revelation, But i responded to Gods call. It wasn’t easy but i chose to trust in Him. I knew that if he had chosen me to reach out to his children, he would empower me with all the wisdom and courage that i needed. My first day at Horizon wasn’t that powerful since i had very little or no words at all to say. But i liked how i was challenged to give God more time. I saw how the students relied on us for strength and encouragement and i was moved. Here i was being relied upon for answers i myself did not have. I still Wonder why it took me that long to realise i needed to read my bible more.

How the word of God has changed my life in 4 months is so amazing. In my desperate time i asked God for one friend and he gave me more than i can count. I have found a family and a place to belong, but through it all, I have learnt that nothing is small, as long as you are doing it for the Kingdom. Just telling someone about a fellowship can be all they need in that moment. So don’t sit on what you know.

 Reach out, someone out there needs you