Church Outdoor

..:: By: Bonita Mulelengi ::..

Differently enabled! You never truly understand the depth of a word until you experience or have an associated experience of the same. ‘Differently enabled’ are the words printed on the shirts that some of the T-shirts that the children the Uganda School for Spastics were wearing on June 26, 2016 when the All Saints Cathedral Kampala Youth visited for their Church Outdoor Service.

When it was first announced during the 3:00pm service sometime earlier in the month of June that we were to have a church outdoor, my heart was glad because there is always an evolution that goes on in me whenever I participate in such activities especially when it comes to children and therefore making the choice between the School and Mulago hospital (Orthopedics Department) was a no brainer for me. The catch though, was in the briefing and warning to keep a straight face and not be so emotional during this ministry, for the fear of stereotypes, let’s just say I can get really emotional at any moment in life regarding children be it good or bad!

I have to admit that it was not easy to keep the emotions (mostly sadness) hidden and this was made harder by the inability to quickly come up with games suitable for the uniquely blessed children, Philip Mwine did manage to do the trick and the rest of us in his group simply followed and actively participated. Children are so blessed with the ability to make any one so much older to behave exactly like them, when the ice broke; it was fun with the Lord and in the Lord; there is always a joy and innocence that is enjoyed in their presence very much the one you enjoy in the Lord. I felt my relationship with God mean so much more to me on another level, the joy and pride to be a child (literally) of God, singing and meditating on the song ‘Yesu ayagala aba too Nga Nze’ (allow me plead my ineptness in Luganda writing) which translates to the words, ‘Jesus loves the little children like me.’

I learnt a lot more from the children than I shared; there were great laughs and unlimited love. That is what I really like, the ability to show, give or allow oneself feel love the way children do is something that tends to deteriorate the older one gets, being there and being able to let yourself go, feel and give back the love was the apex of the church out door in my opinion.

I appreciate the organizers and the participants for the unforgettable experience and look forward to more.