By: Ivan Naijuka

Today, 27 March, 2017 the Mission, Evangelism & Discipleship Ministry in partnership with Compassion Ministry at All Saints’ Cathedral Kampala will visit people at Mulago Hospital – children and cancer wards, in accordance with the scriptures to share the love of Christ.

Rev. Moses Ahimbisibwe, the clergy in charge of Mission, Evangelism & Discipleship has said that as a church, they are going to share the love of Christ with the vulnerable people – the sick for this matter. “This is Passion Week, we ought to share with people who are suffering to encourage them and show them that even when they are suffering, Christ Jesus loves them” Rev. Ahimbisibwe added.

In addition to that, Revered Moses says that they are going to share the gospel, and gifts which include, Rice, Sugar, Milk, Soya clothes and many more.

In the same spirit, on Thursday, the same Ministry will go to Butabika Hospital for the same cause.

As Missions department, we appreciate people of God and the Church administration for giving passionately to this great cause.

Pasion week which may also be known as Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus’ Triumphal entry into Jerusalem as it is described in all four canonical gospels.

The Passion Week, is the emotional part of the life of Jesus Christ to the point crucifixion and death.