He really had a big impact on the development of All Saints Cathedral. I was the People’s Warden at the time he came in.
1.He changed the Altar table .The current one is his design.
2.Helped to tile the Cathedral by getting us tiles on credit and we completed payments when the Cathedral was done.
3 Intiated the paving the compound and managed to raise some funds from an insurance company.
4.Imitated the clearing of the bush along Aki-bua Rd.for packing Cars.
5.Initiated the purchase of Plot 2 and 6 Lugard Rd.
6.Had encouraged All Saints Cathedral council to negotiate with KCCA for the land below the offices but was overtaken by the current owners of the Appartments .
7.He promoted the training of clergy in general and training of clergy wives.
8.His relationship with All Saints Cathedral was cross cutting.
We had a cordial relationship when I was Mothers Union Provincial President. He gave an opportunity to be a member of the Anglican Consultative Council and Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion.I was the only African and lost the battle on issues of Gay marriage.
He was the father of faith. God has decided to recall his anointed SPANNER

Mrs. Jolly Babirukamu

Former People’s Warden