While in exile and on the run from Saul, David stayed in Ziklag. One day while David and his men were off to war, the Amalekites raided the Negev and Ziklag, and completely burnt it down, captured all the women and children.

When David and his men returned, they sat down and wept bitterly and his men began to talk about stoning David. But David found strength in the Lord. He inquired of the Lord whether he should pursue the enemy and the Lord responded in the affirmative. He pursued the Amalekites, fought and recovered all that had been plundered, nothing was found missing and the families were restored.
1 Samuel 30:1- 20.

Today, comparable to David are the Africans who went to other continents in search of a better life only to return and find that their properties have been plundered. Despite the fact that they send resources back home, they are usually plundered by relatives. The Amalekites are representative of destiny destroyers and are a classic example of Middle East slave traders whose activities have a resultant effect of breaking family units.

For Africa there are many areas in which the plunder should be returned. Some of these include;

1. Restoration of abundant food Like the Shunammite woman in 2 Kings 8, there are many people out of Africa as a result of God’s will. The Shunammite woman left with her whole family and went to the land of the Philistines as a result of the will of God. When she returned, she had to appeal to the king regarding recovery of her property that had been taken away during the seven years she was away because of famine. She was able to recover all with accrued interest. 2 King 8:1-6.

When Samaria was besieged and in great famine, Elisha declared an end to the famine the very next day. Then God used unusual means and unqualified people (lepers) to cause chaos in the enemies’ camp and they fled leaving behind an abundance of plunder. 2 Kings 7:1-7. The people that day were saved.

Africa’s food basket needs to be restored at the end of the oppression, returning to till the land with the prayer that God will divinely restore the good in the land.

2. Return of Service
When Jesus wanted to use a platform to preach the gospel at one time, he used Peter’s boat. Peter became fruitful in his vocation and at one time on his master’s command, caught a large amount of fish.

Africa should submit as an instrument for God to be used to preach the gospel. Luke 5:3-9. Africa is God’s resource and will be able to preach and witness to millions.

1. Where has the enemy wreaked havoc in your life, family, community and nation and how will you respond in times of great distress?
2. What is your role and how will you use your position to bring about a return of plunder to Africa?

Prayer points
1. Pray that God will raise the ministry of the prophets and leaders in Africa to usher in a season of return by plunder.
By Rev Jasper Tumuhimbise