ASCK New Cathedral Building Concept

ASCK New Cathedral Building Concept

Spirit of Generosity!

God has indeed released the spirit of generosity in the Cathedral and we are experiencing it at ACP.




Financial Update:
Collections from 1/08/2016 – 6/08/2016: UGX 32,747,100 =

Tent Collections
UGX 1,685,000
7:30 am Service
UGX 19,171,350; USD 182
9:30am Service
UGX 32,745,100; USD 1,564
11:30 am Service
UGX 11,565,300; USD 356
3pm Service
UGX 958,500; USD 100


This week (8/8/2-16 to 12/8/2016), we have collected UGX 13,800,500.
We are glad to announce that this week, an anonymous person donated a Van (Toyota Liteace, GXL 4WD) that is on sale and proceeds will be credited to ACP account. Bids are invited.

Last Sunday we launched Gideon III and the target of Gideon III is to raise US$1 Million (UGX 3.4 Billion) by 31st July 2017.
To achieve this, we will continue to register and welcome people and groups of people contributing the regular Gideon amount that is UGX 3 million per person per group.

We will also encourage and receive contributions of any other amount given through the purple bags, MTN mobile money or paid directly at the ACP tent/office.

Gideon III has introduced a new category of givers.
We are praying to register 100 people who can give a minimum of UGX10 Million each between now and 31st August 2016. So far UGX 48 Million has been pledged/contributed by this category. We need 96 more people to close this category.

In case of any inquiries, please contact Rev. Jasper on 0751527737.