Phase 2 works are progressing within the overall schedule. ACP Team wishes to extend their gratitude and blessings for all your contributions. We appeal to you to remain prayerful for the project and to choose to consistently give as you honour God.

A. Financial Status:
Summary of collections for the month of March 2018

March 2018 (Week 1)March 2018 (Week 2)
7:30amUgx. 13,410,500; US$ 750; EU 2,500Ugx. 3,192,200; USD 100
9:30amUgx. 7,795,200; USD 20Ugx. 8,945,900; USD 1,100
11:30amUgx. 4,691,600; $2Ugx. 4,301,000;
3pm (Safe Box)Ugx. 398,000Ugx. 934,100; USD 10
Midweek (Safe Box)Ugx. 3,414,500; US$ 50Ugx. 1,353,600; USD 2
Safe Box (Other Collections)Ugx. 193,900Ugx. 3,018,600; USD 65
ACP Tent CollectionUgx. 3,770,000; US$ 100Ugx. 4,870,000;
Office CollectionUgx. 857,000Ugx. 421,400
15% of General CollectionUgx. 21,346,733
K'la Diocese - St. Francis
Lweza CollectionUgx. 432,100; US$1,500Ugx. 443,300
Mobile Money/Direct debitUgx. 326,000Ugx. 75,000
Interest on Fixed depositUgx. 9,578,068
TOTAL COLLECTIONSUgx. 35,288,800; US$ 2,422;EU 2,500Ugx. 58,479,301; US$ 1,277

Financial Status – Phase II
Project cost -UGX 7.1 Billion
-Less Payments to Contractor and Consultant – UGX 644,320,742
-Amount payable to Contractor and Consultant – UGX 6,455,679,258
-Less Cash at hand – UGX 3,603,143,081
Amount to raise for Phase 2 – UGX 2,852,536,177 (US$ 792,300).

B Technical Status:
HAVE YOU BEEN TO THE SITE? You can now stand in the first gallery formation and look over Kampala city. The alter plat forms are completed. The bell tower is going to the 4rd level.
90% of the first gallery has been cast. This milestone has taken longer than anticipated due to extensive structural details, but we hope to recover from time lags in the subsequent stages. Steel fixing and Casting concrete for structural walls, columns, staircases and mezzanine levels continue. Quality assurance and strengths tests are done per batch for each structural element. The Cathedral Management continues to request for your understanding and patience as we face some inconvniences and limited parking areas, all for the good of God’s work among us.

To contribute to the building of the Cathedral, you can deposit money directly on our bank accounts using the details on the white ACP envelopes. or through ACP OFFICE, CATHEDRAL ACCOUNTS OFFICE, TENT AND PURPLE BAG.

Below are the steps to follow while paying using mobile money.
Step 1 Dial *165*4*4#
Step 2 Enter Merchant Code: ALLSAINTS
Step 3 Enter Reference: YOUR NAME
Step 4 Enter amount:
Step 5 Enter PIN
You can also contribute through ACP office, Cathedral accounts office, tent and the purple bag.

Thank you – ACP TEAM.