Happy New Y ear 2017!
We are remaining with 47 days to begin construction of Phase 2 of the new
Sanctuary. The ACP Team extends gratitude and blessings for all the contributions, prayers
and desire to raise the sanctuary of God. Below are the milestones of ACP for 2016

  1. The target of raising 1BN was set in order to enable us start construction. (Jan 2016)
  2. Target of 1BN was attained in August 2016.
  3. New target of $1M was set by the assistant Bishop. This was to help ensure sustenance of the work after start of  construction. (August 2016)
  4. Technical team start on assignment for soliciting for a consultant (September 2016)
  5. In November 2016 Consultant – Creations Consult was commissioned as the project Consultant.

Together with the Consultant, the journey to commence actual site works proceeds as follows:

  • Design improvements ended in November 2016
  • Design reviews to check structural integrity is next
  • Preparation of construction documents and bidding documents (December 2016)
  • Bids submission by Contractors and bid evaluation (January 2017)
  • Negotiations and Selection of Contractor (February 2017)
  • Commencement of works at site (March 2017).


  1. As of today we have raised UGX 2,160,255,300 and our desired target for starting construction is $1M (UGX3.4Bn). We are slightly above the half way mark.
  2. UGX 1,610,000,000 was invested in Treasury Bills and Fixed deposits.
  3. So far we have earned interest of UGX 28,935,890 from previous investments.

We would like to thank you for the continued zeal in giving. Continue to bank directly to
our bank accounts (details on the ACP envelopes- white), mobile money, walk in to office/
tent and the purple bag.
Thank you-ACP TEAM