Last week was ACP Sunday. The ACP Team continues to extend gratitude and blessings for all the prayers, participation, the generous contributions and desire among the people of God to raise the new sanctuary of God.

  1. Last week (28th March to 7th April 2017) UGX 47,482,200/- = and USD 4,511 was collected and banked on ACP account.
  2. As of today we have UGX 2,340,228,726/- available for construction. Our desired target for starting construction is still$1M (UGX3.4Bn) to enable the project re-start well.
  3. UGX 1,960,000,000 is invested in fixed deposits, the rest is on USD account 58,618.61 and Shilling account in DFCU UGX 170,785,487/= and Barclays Bank –UGX 8,213,500=
Artistic Impression of New Cathedral Building

Artistic Impression of New Cathedral Building

We thank God for a parishioner who contributed USD 2,000= on Sunday 2nd April 2017, and also through safe box another anonymous parishioner contributed USD 2,000=; further, all those who have consistently given to ACP project including many groups that have raised money as “Group Gideons” every month yet most of them are also giving as individual and family givers. This Sunday, we recognize the Fathers Union, All SAINTS SACCO and recently the ACP Team which also constituted itself as a Gideon, having the highest in March of 10 Million shillings. Beloved, your labor is not in vain. Please keep supporting, praying and contributing finances because what God began and is doing through you will be accomplished. Bids are now being evaluated and we will inform you of the winning bid soon.

To contribute to the building of the Cathedral, you can deposit money directly on our bank accounts using the details below:
Account Name: All Saints Cathedral ACP Fund
Bank: DFCU; Account numbers: 01273550356324 (UGX) & 02073573433218 (USD)
Bank: Barclays; Account number: 0341186188 (UGX)

Continue to bank directly to our bank accounts (details above and on the white ACP envelopes), mobile money, walk in to office/tent and the purple bag.

ACP (Secretariat) offices was relocated to Plot 4, Lugard Road (First floor)
God bless you Indeed – ACP TEAM